About Us

Since 2005 we have been creating quality food, designed by our veterinary specialists in animal nutrition.

Vitake Wellness

We love dogs as part of our family, and that motivates us to create the best recipes for their health and well-being. Since 2005, our veterinary nutrition experts have been designing quality, balanced foods with natural ingredients to ensure dogs live long, healthy lives.

This passion and love for our pets is what drives us to create the best recipes.

That is why we manufacture in the best production centres in Spain and Germany focused on R+D+I, with the best quality standards and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Nutritional Security and Welfare
  • Peace of mind assured
  • Premium food


Natural Food

Our mission is to feed, care for, support and protect our pets in the best possible way. We are dedicated to meeting the real needs of our canine friends, while maintaining a culinary culture of quality.

Production processes are subject to rigorous protocols for both raw materials and finished product. And we carefully select the quality of our ingredients, collaborating with our suppliers.

We are a team committed to the quality of our products and we aspire to form a community that is at the heart of families and their pets. Our job is to advise, transmit and surprise you.

We want to be close to you and your pet

Directly from our warehouse to your home

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