Committed to Nutrition

Our food is designed by expert nutritionists, specialised in animal nutrition.

Recipes developed by Animal Nutrition experts

Our experts have more than 30 years of experience formulating and creating recipes for our small vitakeros. We have the best professionals in the industry to ensure that all recipes are nutritionally complete and balanced.

High quality raw material

Manufacturing process that preserves all the properties of the ingredients

Balanced and complete nutritional formula

The nutritional formula
of Vitake

Complete and Balanced Recipes

Ensuring your dog's optimal health through the correct supply of nutrients.


All ingredients are 100% natural. No additives or artificial colourings are added.


They contain a single protein, which makes the product hypoallergenic, avoiding or minimising possible allergic reactions.

Quality Raw Material

We choose quality ingredients, we do not use by-products and we have improved our recipes by incorporating ingredients such as Krill.

Why choose Vitake?

Committed to producing a quality product

Foods with innovative and beneficial ingredients

"If we take care of our food, our furry friends deserve the same".


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