Wet food for dogs with digestive problems

When choosing dog food to give your pet, you always look for dog food that is the healthiest and most suitable for your pet's needs. For example, if he has digestive sensitivities, you need to give him dog food that is suitable for this, so that he can feel good after eating. Is pâté a dog food that can be given to dogs with digestive problems? In the case of Vitake, yes, because all the options available are hypoallergenic, designed for those with cereal intolerance.

One of the advantages of wet food over dry food is that it is digested in far fewer hours. Canned food is also a great source of hydration for our pets and is perfect for those with poor appetites. Its smell and taste are much more appetising than other types of dog food, and it is also much more palatable and has a better metabolic rate.

Premium dog food

Want the best dog food? Looking for quality large dog food? Vitake offers you a wide range of canned dog food, with four different flavours that you will love. All of them are made with natural products that will give the animal the necessary contribution to take care of its health. For this reason, Vitake is the best dog food because it offers a complete diet and not a complementary one, as is the case with canned food from other brands.

In all cases it is grain-free dog food, designed for any stage except puppyhood, i.e. from junior to senior citizens. You should only consult the grams recommended for their weight and age, as, due to its calorie density, the amount offered to your best friend must be adequate. Our wet dog food is top of the range, so you can be sure that your pet grows and develops in a healthy way.

Top dog food brands

The difference between offering your pet a complementary pate or guaranteeing complete canine nutrition is in your hands. For them you should choose to buy the best brands of dog food, those that like Vitake, are made with fresh and natural ingredients.

Vitake wet food is formulated by veterinary specialists in animal nutrition using balanced recipes. Our aim is that you can offer your furry best friend a highly digestible dog food with top quality products. Give him a taste of all our available options: turkey and duck, fish and prawns, wild boar and apple or beef and safflower oil.

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