10 things about the vision of dogs

The sense of sight in dogs is perhaps the most unknown of all your senses.

What distance your dog sees best? Do they see colors like we do? Can they see in the dark? These are questions that you have probably got many times.

We will try to clear it up for you today in our blog. These are some key facts about the vision on dogs.



1- Dogs don’t see in black and white: This is a very extended myth. They see the colours, just in a different way than us. In fact, they do not distinguish very well the tonalities between red and green and they see them in yellow tonalities. The colours they perceive best are those closest to blue and violet.


2- Their eyesight detects movement better than ours. They have a much greater ability than us to detect patterns of movement. Also, the frequency of capturing and processing images is much better. Therefore, they are much more effective when calculating the distances of objects in motion.

3-They see better than us in the dark. Their eyesight has a layer called tapetum lucidum, which reflects light rays, thus increasing the effectiveness of the receivers.  In consequence, they are able to detect moving objects in the dark much better. In fact, between 4 and 5 times better than us.

4- The visual acuity of a dog is less than that of a human. We can distinguish and object at 100 meters while a dog needs that object to be about 25 meters to distinguish the same. However, their visual acuity increases significantly if an object is in motion, in which case the distance they can detect the object from is much greater.

5- The angle of vision of a dog is 250º, very superior to the human one. Our angle is just 180º.


6Dogs have more difficulty seeing near objects. They need to be able to focus well on an object about 30 centimetres away, whereas we can focus on objects to 6 centimetres away from our eyes. In other words, it is more difficult for dogs to focus on an object that is near.

7- A dog reaches full development of its sense of sight at 3 months of age.

8- There are breeds with better eyesight than others.  Labrador retriever and greyhound, for example, are some of the breeds with best eyesight, while German shepherd or rottweiler tend to suffer from myopia.

9- At senior stage the vision usually deteriorates and they can even lose sight completely. Vision loss is often due to retinal deterioration or to the development of cataracts.

10- You should not give sugar to your dog; it can lead to diabetes and affect his vision. This disease causes cataracts and vision loss.





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